Best Android Games of 2016

Best Android Games of 2016

Android innovation is utilised as a part of phones as well as in tablets and other new smart gadgets. These pieces of technology, when are working on Android programming, can get to the whole fresh out of the box new, different elements for the sole reason for entertainment and gaming. This month the best gaming app presented and the rate is as per the following in which all the energising features are available for the clients.


Agricola is the most intriguing computerised game designed for Android in which you need to build your ranch, to win you have to deliberately plan to expand your land size and the breed your domesticated animals with a specific end goal to build some domesticated animals more prominent than the opponent. You have the option to play online but if you don’t desire to offline feature is also available.

FIE Swordplay

This gaming app pulls in the people of any age that are into complexity and additionally have a craving to play with strategically. You can pick a player and begin your vacation on profession mode. Your fundamental point will be to be an Olympic champion. This gaming app is not all awful and can show you artistic work of fighting and battling with swords.

It’s A Space Thing

In this game you have the character of a warrior as you be battling from the ground, shooting the stuff in the sky. Further, you’ll be given weapons and shields to secure yourself. It is games that test your abilities somewhat dangerous as well. It highlights numerous modes, for example, multiplayer and catalysts for your simplicity. Above all it has no price implies you cannot imagine much above it.

LEGO Star Wars: TFA

This app is a short form of star wars in franchise and base totally on it. In this you’ll get a genuine chance to play one of the characters in the star war film, further, in this, you will battle on the ground and in air. However, you should buy each level as you proceed onward to the past.


For the mates that love cards, this application is manufactured only for you. In this short game, you get the opportunity to control the whole kingdom. You can without much of a stretch swipe both approaches to deciding the moves in each situation like Tinder. Through the entry of the year, more choices in set decisions are designed and optimised which can be the king by being in the position of authority or be tossed out which in wording you lose! All things considered, you have to begin once more.

Deus Ex Go

To wrap things up Dues Ex Go is made for the seekers of mystery and curiosity; it’s a riddle in the form of puzzles, most recent version is designed by Square Enix and its other Go franchise. In this, you will play a prepackaged game to fathom astounds. You will play 50 stories these stories will likewise speak to your level in this android app.

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